My Approach

To know me is to know that, when I was 5 years old, I promised my sister that I would one day give her a round triangle. Sounds crazy I know, but for me it symbolises my view that NOTHING is impossible; somewhere in this world there is a person who can solve that problem, and if it isn't me, I will find the person who can do it and work with them to make it a reality. Although I still don't have a round triangle to give to my sister, I do have a passion for creative solutions in the world of work.


I can also tap into a network of highly reputable HR professionals - the Perth HR Alliance. For more information on the members and their capabilities  just click on the logo.






















Social Responsibility

When you use Pauline Tarrant (HR Consulting) you can be assured that you are partnering with a socially responsible organisation.


Every business decision is considered through a number of filters to ensure that social and environmental factors are considered in addition to economic ones.

Examples include:

  • Banking - Bank Australia

  • Travel - often by public transport or bicycle

  • Stationery - recycled carbon neutral paper

  • Clothing - ethical suppliers listed in 'Good On You' app

  • Food - Fairtrade

  • Even the toilet paper! Who Gives a Crap

  • Member of 100 women 

  • Sponsorship via ActionAid of Chanlay in Cambodia (9 years) and Amie in Sierra Leone (13 years)

  • Other charitable donations and pro bono contributions

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