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Pauline Tarrant Consulting launched the HR for Good program in 2015.  Quarterly Seminars are delivered with industry experts presenting the latest news and trends in HR.  Designed to provide leaders and HR professionals access to a learning and relationship building network.  Over 20 seminars later, 267 organisations have taken part and 400+ people have attended.


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HR for Good - Employment practices that lead to employees’ financial wellbeing

Thursday, 17th November 2022 from 5.15 pm to 7.30 pm

Guest Speaker : Katie McDonald from Boutique Advisers Private Wealth

Venue : Perth ...... more details to follow

Business Conference

Past Event Hosted by MinterEllison

HR for Good - HR/IR Action Shot 2022

Date Held : Wednesday, 17th August 2022

Guest Speakers : Robert Malcolm and Kenyon Lee from MinterEllison

Donation : Pauline Tarrant Consulting donating funds to Street Friends WA

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Robert Malcolm, Associate

Kenyon Lee, Lawyer

Feedback from some of our participants

Vanora Rebello

The session presented by Robert Malcolm and Kenyon Lee was very informative and well presented. I am looking forward to attending the next event.

Aman Singh, General Manager Human Resources, Ability WA

I attended HR for Good event last night which focused on the HR/IR action shot. Thanks to Pauline Tarrant for hosting a successful event and thanks to our presenters Robert Malcolm and Kenyon Lee for providing wonderful insights and overview on emerging trends. 

Delgermaa Altangerel, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Aurecon

Thank you Pauline. As always it was very informative 😊

Aaron Perkins, Curtin University

Thanks the info session was extremely Inciteful and topical. I also really enjoyed the fast pace and headliner format. Thanks to Robert and Kenyon for presenting so well.

Past Event Hosted by Illuminance Solutions

HR for Good - Equal Opportunities in the Workplace

Date Held : Tuesday, 10th May 2022

Guest Speaker : Franca Sala Tenna, EEO Equal Opportunity Specialists

Donation : Pauline Tarrant Consulting donated funds to Opportunity International

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